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ANIC to manage the Halal Certification affairs of Halal Expo Australia 2018

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The Halal Certification Authority unit of the Australian National Imam Council (ANIC) is going to be an official partner of Halal Expo Australia 2018; it will manage the affairs of Halal Certification at the event.

A MoU has been signed between the Halal Expo Australia and ANIC recently where both organisations will be working together to build the awareness of Halal and Halal way of life in Australia, and promote Halal businesses and consumption. In this regard, in an interview, Imam Sheikh Shady Al Suleiman, the President of ANIC, emphasized the importance of a Halal way of life for Muslims. He says, it is very important for the Islamic Community to support the initiatives that are being taken by the organisers of the Halal Expo Australia to promote Halal consumption and a Halal way of life. “This event does not only promote the Halal products & services through exhibition’ but it serves to create an awareness through the International Halal Conference (IHC)” says Sheikh Shady.

Dr. Anas Muhammad

Dr. Anas Muhammad, the General Manager of the Halal Certification authority of ANIC will work to look after the halal certification affairs of the exhibitors and sponsors of the Halal Expo Australia. Dr. Anas will also be a part of the international halal conference as one of the speakers.

For further inquiries please contact Sarwat Hassan, Media Manager on +61 412 881 597

Abdullah Yousuf Shamim included in the HEA 2018 reception team

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Mr. Abdullah Yousuf Shamim is a very prominent community leader, journalist and a publisher of Suprovat Sydney, representing Bangladeshi Community in Sydney. He migrated to Australia 1993 from Bangladesh and since his arrival in Australia Mr. Shamim has been actively working involved in multicultural activities especially for Bangladeshi community. He is the publisher and editor-in-chief of Suprovat Sydney – a leading Bangladeshi newspaper in New South Wales. He takes lots of interest in social harmony and bring people together from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. His offer to represent Halal Expo Australia 2018 is a proof of his sincere work for Islamic and multicultural communities. Mr. Shamim had also published magazines in Japan and Bangladesh in the past and has vast experience of media and journalism. He is an excellent media and drama writer.

While Suprovat Sydney is the media partner of Halal Expo Australia 2018, Mr. Shamim has been included in the reception team of the Halal Expo Australia 2018. The Reception team will officially welcome international and national dignitaries and VIPs in the 2-Day event of Halal Expo Australia 2018 to be held on Saturday the 10th and Sunday the 11th of February 2018 at Rosehill Gardens, Sydney. A 2-Day International Halal Conference, side-by-side, is also a part of Halal Expo Australia 2018.

Halal Expo Australia holds a forum with Bangladeshi business leaders

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Sydney (Tribune International Report, Nov 12, 2017): The team of Halal Expo Australia, and Suprovat Sydney (leading Bangladeshi Newspaper) held a forum on Halal Expo Australia (HEA) 2018. Prominent business leaders from the Bangladeshi Community in Sydney participated in this event.

Mr. Abdullah Yousuf Editor-in-Chief Suprovat Sydney; Mr. Zaman Mullah Councilor for Roseland Ward; Mr. Jahangir Alam Executive Director Fletcher International Export; Mr. Zillur Rashid; Mr. Moinul Islam Managing Director Ozepac Solutions Group; Abdul Hoque Director BurgerCrave; Mr. Sazzad Hoossain Director Pran Australia; Mr. Abdur Rahim Sumon owner Banaful Restaurant; Mr. MD Iqbal Chowdhury Director Mates Global; Mr. Mahboob Hasan Manager Mates Global; attended this very informative forum on HEA 2018 hosted by Mr. Sabeh ul Hassan Head of Marketing HEA 2018 and Syed Atiq ul Hassan Director HEA 2018.

Mr. Abdullah Yousuf opened the event with highlighting the aim of the event and the importance of HEA 2018 for Bangladeshi Community. Syed Atiq ul Hassan overviewed the role of HEA for the Australian Islamic Community and how Bangladeshi Community members can play their role for the larger interest of the Bangladeshi Community in Australia. He jointly with Sabeh ul Hassan delivered a presentation on HEA 2018.

‘Halal Expo Australia, started in 2015, is now an established international Australian Islamic event that is recognized internationally, says Syed Atiq ul Hassan.

‘With the remarkable support of the all facets of the Australian Islamic Community, the event is expanding significantly and benefiting the halal industry players’.

‘Halal Expo Australia is going play a vital role in the success of Islamic businesses and professional services in Australia’.

‘The event is focusing to bring existing and new halal products & services introducing by our business community’.
He said that the International Halal Conference (IHC), side-by-side with the Exhibition, creates awareness and deliver knowledge & information through international experts on different areas of the halal industry.

All the participants, especially the Councilor Mohammad Zaman demonstrated his keen interest in the success story of the Halal Expo Australia in the last 3 years and to work closely with the Organising team of HEA 2018.

Mr. Hassan thanked all the attendees especially Mr. Abdullah Yousuf on organizing such an enjoyable event.

TV ARCANA joins nationally esteemed Halal Expo Australia 2018 as a Media Partner

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The rising Australian TV media TV ARCANA has signed an MoU with the Halal Expo Australia 2018 to join as a media partner. TV ARCANA promote, and market Halal Expo Australia in its live broadcasting, and live telecast the 2-Day event of Halal Expo Australia 2018 and the International Halal Conference 2018 to be held on 10th and 11th of November 2018 at Rosehill Gardens, Sydney, Australia.

Director of the Halal Expo 2018, Syed Atiq ul Hassan and the Chairman TV ARCANA, Safdar Ghafoor, joined hands on the 10th November 2018 for a valuable and virtuous purpose, benefitting the wider Islamic Community.

Signing the MoU, both, Syed Atiq ul Hassan and Safdar Ghafoor, delightedly, announced that TV ARCANA and Halal Expo Australia will work together in the best interest of Halal Expo Australia to promote the Halal Lifestyle in Australia and the global market of Halal industry. TV ARCANA will promote the exhibitors and sponsors of Halal Expo Australia 2018 through their promotional video products and promotions.

The event is a 2-day exhibition unifying people of all races and ethnic backgrounds. The exhibition presents ‘’leading producers, manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, importers/exporters, services providers, certification bodies, regulatory institutes, financiers, investors, bankers, travel agencies, tour operators, home and commercial builders of Halal services and allow them access for B2B and B2C networking under one roof.’

For further information contact Ms. Sarwat Hassan, Media & Event Manager, Halal Expo Australia 2018 on 0412 881 597 or visit .

Hejaz Financial Services – a proud Gold sponsor of HEA 2018.

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Hejaz Financial Services is Australia’s premier Islamic Financial Services provider. Hejaz Financial Services caters for the diverse financial needs of the Australian Muslim community. They proudly strive to provide an ethical and socially responsible alternative to financial services while specialising in Islamic Superannuation and investments.

As experts in Islamic Superannuation & investments in the vibrant Australian Financial Services sector, Hejaz Financial Services believes in building a better tomorrow through ethical investments that will bring prosperity to our community, sustain the environment, and enhance opportunities for our future generations. With over 2,000 clients Australia-wide, Hejaz Financial Services is with everyone.

Hejaz Financial Services has been sponsoring the Halal Expo Australia from its establishment, in 2015, and in Halal Expo Australia (HEA) 2018, they are one of the proud Gold Sponsors.

Thank you, Hejaz Financial Services, for your valuable support to Halal Expo Australia.

Sarwat Hassan,

Event & Media Manager,

HEA 2018

RIA Money Transfer is again a Gold Sponsor of HEA 2018

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RIA is the world’s top money transfer company with worldwide agent network of 324,000 locations in 146 countries and territories—and growing.

RIA has been sponsoring the Halal Expo Australia from its establishment in 2015, and RIA is again one of the Gold Sponsor of Halal Expo Australia (HEA) 2018.

Sarwat Hassan,
Event & Media Manager,
HEA 2018

Nominations of Reception Team for HEA 2018 & IHC 2018

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The management is in the process of forming a reception team of Halal Expo Australia (HEA) 2018 and International Halal Conference (IHC) 2018. Following is the details of 10-members Reception Team:

The reception team will be comprised of:

  1. Halal Business Ambassador: Business Executives from different segments of Australian Halal market
  2. Halal Community Ambassador: Community Leaders from different ethnic communities within Australian Islamic community.

The role of reception team is to:

  • Meet & Greet VIPs, Speakers and other high international and national guests of HEA 2018 and IHC 2018.
  • Assist VIPs if they need any information related to the event
  • Interact with attendees during official ceremony and conference, provide them information if anyone needed

Benefits to the members of reception team:

  • Names with photographs of the team will be published in the media, social media and on the website of HEA 2018
  • Award Acknowledgement Certificates at the post event official function
  • Opportunity to become permanent member of HEA or become speaker or moderator of IHC.

You can nominate to yourself or any business executive or community leader with full name and brief introduction by 30th of October 2017.

Sarwat Hassan,
Event & Media Manager

Organisers’ Release: Business Logos/Banners

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The business logos/banners of the sponsors of Halal Expo Australia (HEA) 2018 on the digital, online and print promotional material of HEA 2018 is going to be finalised on Friday 20th of October 2018. The sponsors who could not finalise their contract will be left to having their business logos/banners on the print material, therefore, if you are still planning and have not yet finalised contract with the organisers, please do it before Tuesday 17th of October 2017. If you have any issue please email to the director, on

Sarwat Hassan,
Event & Media Manager

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