Who Are We?

Halal Expo Australia (HEA) is the only and largest Halal trade show, and International Halal Conference in Australia. We present a fantastic opportunity for international and national Halal industry players to promote their products and services in the Australian and International Markets, and create awareness.

We are award-winning organizers of large multicultural & Islamic events in the major Cities of Australia. Our team holds internationally acknowledged credentials in the media, event management and community leadership.

Halal Expo Australia (HEA), is a progressive organisation for Halal and Islamic events in Australia with the mission to be an Australian-based prime hub for sharing talent, knowledge, and resources for the Halal industry and Halal lifestyle through national & international events that ultimately benefit everyone.

Halal Expo Australia (HEA) is a registered independent organisation. It is not a part of or associated with any political or religious party/group, Halal certification body or any other organisation in Australia or overseas.

Our Vision

  • Create an Australian-based international Halal events management organisation that can deliver services within and outside Australia.
  • Develop a progressive Halal hub of knowledge and resources-sharing by engaging Halal industry players, Halal researchers, academics, scholars and organisations who are dealing with Halal affairs.
  • Establish a Halal platform that can create openness, understanding and acceptance between people of Islamic and non-Islamic backgrounds on genuine issues relating to Halal industry.
  • Promote authenticity and effectiveness of our services to national and international affiliates and partners especially in the Asia Pacific Region.

Our Mission

  • Share talent, knowledge and resources of Islamic organisations and research institutes, promote Halal businesses through holding international Halal events, and establishing a Halal Centre in Australia.
  • Create awareness of Halal food, products and services in Muslims and Non-Muslim.
  • Promote Halal food, products and services in Australia as healthy lifestyle.
  • Build B2B network between Halal Industry players, investors, financers, entrepreneurs, industrialists and professionals through holding national and international events.
  • Strengthen B2C Relationships between Halal businesses and consumers.
  • Establish a halal hub for researchers, scholars, leaders, academics, and business operators.

“‘In Australia and around the world, food is central to cultural expression. The mutual respect of different cultural and linguistic communities for each other is one of our country’s great strengths. As Australians, we have found unity in our diversity and strength in our differences’ ”

Tony AbbottFormer Australian Prime Minister

“There is great potential within the Halal industry which is rapidly expanding as Australia's Muslim population grows and as Australia continues to export to Islamic countries in our region”

Julie OwensMember Federal Parliament, Australia

“HEA helps to create and raise awareness about Halal food, products and services among Muslim and non-Muslim communities by providing detailed knowledge, resources and education on Halal products, helping to create a more understanding, diverse and harmonious society.”

Geoff LeeMember NSW Parliament